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Ian / 17 / Asexual

"You appear to be...

...The calm type. You're capable of giving advice to friends with worries. You don't like to fight. You're a warm, kindhearted person who cares. You must have many friends who look up to you. However... You may also be somewhat gullible... As well as a little careless... And even a little sloppy. You might want to keep those points in mind. A calm person like you should be...

... The Pokémon Mudkip!"

moon cycle

PSAT in a Few Words


  • you see the grand canyon but you can’t SEE the Grand Canyon
  • you cant use a leash on a dolphin
  • cursive comes back to haunt you in the end
  • they talked shit to the HP fandom and mentioned clueless
  • you are not longer able to tell your children they did good in life
  • anytime someone compliments you, you must respnd with “woof”
  • we aren’t supposed to talk about it but here we are


ireland is my favourite place in the world


i kinda wanna rebel against society but i also kinda wanna take a nap


im still laughing about this fucking gifset



in fifth grade i drew anime george washington




NYPD Officer Knocks Teen Unconscious For Smoking A ‘Suspicious’ Cigarette

October 11th, 2014

Marcel Hamer, 17, was punched out June 4 as he pleaded with the officer that he was smoking a tobacco cigarette, not marijuana. You wanna get fucked up?' the cop asks before dropping the hammer. The officer has since been suspended in the latest viral video black eye for the NYPD.

Mister, it was just a cigarette, sir,” Hamer can be heard saying on the video.

It was just a cigarette.

As the officer notices a person videotaping the incident, he taunts the individual, “Yeah, get it on film.

Although the alleged knockout blow is not seen, the teen appears to be unconscious at the end of the footage.

You knocked him out!” one of Hamer’s friends could be heard saying.

The teen’s family said he now suffers neurological problems, according to The Brooklyn Paper.

The law firm released the video the same day as another piece of footage surfaced showing officers in Bedford-Stuyvesant punch and pistol-whip an unarmed teen who has his hands raised in surrender. Police arrested the teen for marijuana possession, according to a report by DNAinfo.

Another video, obtained by the Daily News, shows an officer allegedly removing $1,300 from Lomard Joye’s pocket during a stop-and-frisk in Coney Island. Joye was then pepper sprayed when he demanded his money back. 

When Joye’s sister, Lateefah Joye, tried to get the cop’s badge number, she too was pepper sprayed. 

The NYPD Internal Affairs Bureau is investigating all three incidents.

Fuck the police






have you ever wanted to see a bath bomb in a toilet? here u go

northern lights is my favorite bath bomb and it looks even better in a toilet

What the fuck is wrong with yall

white people be plopping $40 bath bombs in the turlet

when people ask me what the aesthetic movement is im showing them this



someone was like hey do a flower beard thing and i was like okay

lmfao “brother nature”